ExhibitionismReview.com is, as the name says, about exhibitionism.

Exhibitionism of course comes in all shapes and sizes and, in the public eye, tends to mean the public exposure of the erogenous parts which, in western societies, mean the tits, bum, vagina and penis.

Very simple so far, but then it gets tricky…

Exhibitionism has two sub-branches:

  • wilful and deliberate, and…

  • un-wilful or accidental…

and it is the wilful or deliberate exposure that is attracts the attention of the law, if not other people as well.

However, before the law can be called upon, wilful and deliberate is not enough: the exposure must also be “obscene”.  These days mere exposure of the body parts, per se, is not considered to be obscene.  If however someone wilfully exposes their “person” in public AND masturbates, then that qualifies for “wilful and obscene” and the law can be called into action.

This site focuses on the LAWFUL (that is, not obscene) acts of exposure of the “person” in public.


That is the first thing…

The second is an announcement that a new section of this site will open in the early months of this year (2014) which will feature CFNM videos showing clearly women’s reactions to male nudity in all its aspects – that is, male nudity in the home, in the park, on the trains and buses, at the beach and anywhere else where clothed women are exposed to male nudity.

And there is a reason for this…

For too long we have been labouring under the misconception that women are “offended” by the sight of the penis in public.  This is an absurd notion, yet one held rigidly by some, including males.  I have spoken to numerous psychologists about this and they all, without exception, say that public exposure of the penis is offensive to women.

Whatever the reason, it is an attitude that has stuck, and the purpose of this site – and especially the new section that will open soon – is to question that attitude and to show CLEARLY and EXPLICITLY and IN FULL COLOR that women are NOT OFFENDED by acts of exposure.



Some men enjoy the self-expression of exposing their bodies and they should be allowed to do so without risking the stigmatization of society.  Already in some northern Europe countries one can walk around nude in the middle of the city if one wishes to.

And the day will come when that practice is considered normal and natural.

Up to the year 1934 it was illegal for a man to remove his shirt in public.  Now he can do so and no one takes any notice (unless he is a body builder) and it is the contention of this site that that is the way we should treat the body…as something that is natural and NOT as something that arouses fear, revulsion, offendedness.

The videos that will soon be released will show graphically and explicitly that we have come a long way and that today the sight of a man’s penis in public is no longer treated by women as a cause for concern.