HinkyCorners does her thing

The fact is, nudity is boring.  Especially today, when you don’t have to sneak into the newsagent and pretend to be buying a boating magazine while you have a D Cup magazine open underneath it.  Today you just hit “enter” and you have an unlimited phantasmagoria of boobies, and pussies and dickies of all sizes and shapes vying for your attention, and most of it is free.

But the problem is that it is dead boring!  There is simply no imagination.

Today, more than ever, nudity has to be dressed up before it can grab our attention.  HinkyCorners (above) knows this.  His behaviour has far more shock value than if he were to post his naked bod on the net.

Hinky has our attention and interest because he has used HIS IMAGINATION  to make us use OUR IMAGINATIONS.

You see, if you want to grab other people’s attentions it is NOT enough to shed your clothes and upload your photo onto the net.  You have to WORK at CREATING an interesting context that stimulates the imagination. And preferably a daring one.

Note the photos below.  There are a lot of (yawn) genitals on public display.  But are they (yawn) daring?  Do they (yawn) stimulate the imagination?  I mean…who gives a ****?

This next photo  however is different.  The setting is similar – a beach – but the interest level is complete different, isn’t it?  I mean, the gal is not well-endowed, but she has certainly triggered the on-lookers’ attentions and you can see their somewhat stunned look.  Uppermost in their mind is, “What’s a nice girl doing, wearing two suitcases and nothing else?”  She obviously has an agenda of some kind and everyone is trying to guess what it is.  You see, she has stirred the imaginations, and the dicks follow the imagination.  Always!  Now that is exhibitionism!

It is the old, old rule that is as valid today as ever before, perhaps even more so: it is not what you see, but what you don’t see that counts.  The next photo illustrates the, er, point admirably…

Here you see nothing whatsoever, yet the viewers imaginations are stirred and stimulated. What is his hand doing under the newspaper?  Surely he can’t be playing with himself?  Surely not!  It is daring and attention grabbing behaviour and is of far more interest than mere nudity.  (In this case he actually got more attention than he wanted!)

The following photos show how dull mere “exhibitionism” can be if it is not mixed with some imagination and a dash of daring…


Well, what can I say?  At least the waterfall is beautiful!

These photos are a lame attempt at exhibitionism.  I mean, where are the onlookers?  Where are the flashees?  What risk, apart from catching a cold, are they taking?  Tits and bums and even erect dicks just don’t do it anymore.  The photos are… (yawn)…I…(yawn)…forget what I was about to say…

The on-lookers are missing in each and every case.  It is the on-looker that completes the act.  Without a “flashee” there is no act of exhibitionism, even if the subject is totally nude.  What sound does a falling tree make if there is no one there to hear it?  What effect does a naked bod have if there is no one there to see it?

While this guy will never be accused of being particularly imaginative, the sheer audacity of his performance stimulates public interest – perhaps more interest than he may care for!  Without doubt it takes, er, balls to pull it off (the stunt, that is!).

Bottom line: it’s gotta be imaginative, or it’s gotta be daring.  Otherwise, don’t bother!

However, if you are well-endowed, you can dispense with the above. If you’re, ah, built like a donkey forget “daring”; forget being imaginative.  You got what it takes!  Size does count!