Is Exhibitionism a Psychiatric Illness?

Do Exhibitionists suffer from Low Self-Esteem?


Consider for example an article about exhibitionism, taken from neohumanism.org. I won’t quote the article word for word because it contains a lot of jargon that is not very readable, but not surprisingly they make the claim that, “Exhibitionism is principally due to a low self-esteem.”

This is a common misunderstanding.

In actual fact exhibitionists have been shown to have above average IQs, are very often married, have children and hold down good jobs.

These are not the sorts of people that are generally seen as having low self-esteem.

Consider, also, that well known film star and director, Vincent Gallo, is a known exhibitionist and Spencer Schlosnagle, the Mayor of Friendsville, Maryland (USA, 1995) is a convicted exhibitionist. I seriously doubt that either Gallo or Schlosnagle would be suffering from low self-esteem. Schlosnagle, incidentally, did a hell of a good job as Mayor.

Despite it lacking substance, this “low-esteem” perception of exhibitionists is common and we can (sort of) forgive neohumanism.org for falling into that trap. What is not forgivable is their condemnation of exhibitionists. Read on…

They say that certain forms of exhibitionism are “OK”. For example, showing off via the clothes you wear, through boisterousness, driving a flashy car, having a nice house, wearing eye-catching makeup and so on. These, they claim, are normal human behaviour.

And so they are!

But then, without any warning, they spin off into never-never land and claim that those people who practise a sexual type of exhibitionism called genital-exposure or indecent-exposure are suffering from a psychiatric disease.

I mean, come on…!

Where is the logic in that?

It’s OK to exhibit yourself in all sorts of ways, but as soon as you want to show off your God given sexuality, it becomes a “psychiatric disease”.

Little mention is made of the fact that women flaunt their sexuality all the time (and so they should!), but when a man tries to display his sexuality, it is a “psychiatric disease”.

Come on!


Wake up!

It’s time to shed the puritan double standard like the worn-out shell that it is.