It is not an exhaustive study, but out of 27 women I have surveyed, 24 incidents of flashing were mentioned.  Only one of these incidents was reported to the police!!! Four of the women thought flashing was criminal behaviour.  The remaining women did NOT think it was criminal behaviour, and a minority of these (six) thought that it should be criminal but only in certain circumstances.  Read the reports below…


where are all the flashers?

this interview does not make sense!

she gets flashed all the time!

why do you do it?

flashed at ten!

don’t send them to jail

schoolgirl flashed outside of school

schoolgirl window-flashed

michelle “shocked”!

karina says “it depends on the situation”

“I’d rather see his dick than his gun!”

flashing – japanese-style!

these people need help!

people do some crazy things!

a valuable interview

sexy girls, but a bit confused!

flashed at 17!

“my sister saw him first!”