Kim is the executive director of the Sydney Branch of an international Human Rights organisation. I won’t mention the name of the organization, to protect her identity. She looked to be in her mid-forties, but was still slim and attractive. She agreed to do the survey, if I agreed to sign one of her petitions, which I gladly did. Signed two of them, in fact!

Have you been flashed?

She had been, once, at the age of ten. It happened while she was on a school camp. She and a few girls were sketching something on the Harbour foreshores when a man walked past, opened his coat and displayed his genitals.

“So what was your reaction?”

“We ran off. I was horrified that someone would do such a thing.”

“Was it reported?”

“No,” she replied. “In those days it wasn’t customary to report those sorts of things.”

“OK. That was a long time ago. If you were flashed today, what do you think your reaction would be?”

“I’d stop him, and say, ‘What the fuck are you doing? Put you clothes back on!’ I’d also get a good visual ID of him and report him to the police.”

This was one tough lady!

“Would you feel scared or threatened?”

“No. But if it happened at night in some secluded place, I may get a little scared.”

“Do you know it is a criminal offence?”


” Do you think it should be classified as criminal?”

“Yes,” she replied.