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A few friends and I were walking through the neighborhood one day, just chilling. We were walking down Bay 46st, going towards the neighborhood park, to see a blue car exiting his driveway. We were walking towards the car, figuring that by the time we got there, he would have pulled out into the street, but he pulled out alright. He stopped his car, and was just sitting there directly in front of us without pants on! I was going to walk around the car, and curiously looked in when I heard his laughter. I didn’t realize what he was doing at first.. it took a second. My friends were just standing there in shock, and we all started yelling at him. The smile soon went off of his face, and he speedily drove away. I tried to get the license plate number, but he drove away too fast. We did not call the cops or anything, because we had no evidence, and we figured that they would not believe a bunch of teenagers. This happened in about May or June 2010, but I just recently found out about this website, so I figured I should tell you all my story so you guys can be on the lookout! If i remember correctly, he had longish hair. He was wearing sunglasses, and he looked from his 20s-30s. I’m not sure what kind of car it was, but it was small, 5 seats. I am still in shock that a some-what young man would have the audacity to do this! Especially in a kid friendly neighborhood like this. Careful girls!!


Melissa  is still in shock after 6 months.  Dear me.  Is she hospitalized?  Under sedation, perhaps?

This is another example of blowing hot air – that is, making claims without foundation.  According to Medline, shock is a life-threatening condition that … can damage multiple organs. Shock requires immediate medical treatment and can get worse very rapidly.

Perhaps Melissa was startled but, to put it simply, if she was indeed shocked and that shock persisted for 6 months, Melissa would be long dead!

The whole thing, like many of the posts on this whinger’s website, is a bunch of gibberish.  Melissa says she tried to get the number plate, but he “drove away too fast”.  I mean she was right there next to the car, about to walk around the car, but she couldn’t get the number plate?!!  Come on!!  And she “didn’t call the cops or anything” because “we had no evidence” and the cops would not believe “a bunch of teenagers”.  I mean, the words of her and her “few friends”, each corroborating the other, is fairly powerful evidence and, moreover, police take kids very seriously in matters such as this.

I wonder if Melissa’s second name is “Confused”?  Because her post certainly is!  Nonetheless, despite the meaningless rhetoric, there is a glimmer of truth.  She says: I am still in shock that a some-what young man would have the audacity to do this! What bothered her was NOT that the guy flashed her, but THAT HE HAD THE AUDACITY TO DO THAT!

This occurs again and again in matters of exhibitionism: people are not so concerned about the act itself, but what it might lead to. In Melissa’s case she wasn’t even concerned about that, but what bothered her was that the young man had to audacity to do it!

I mean, the guy drove off in a panic, Melissa. I mean, he loses, you win.  So what are you still whinging and holla-ing about?!