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The essence of exhibitionism is to shock

Once upon a time, not too long ago, the exposure of a nipple was shocking

It is no longer so

Or is it?

It depends on the context

In a porn movie, a nipple is downright boring

In an ordinary movie, it may be titillating, but has minimal or zero shock value

But when a woman is centre-stage

Receiving an award

In front of a hundred people

And her gown slips and reveals a bare breast

Now that can be shocking


The essence of “shocking” is the unexpected

The essence of “shocking” is seeing something we are not supposed to see


The body, even if nude, is not shocking

Exhibitionism however is the art of presenting the body in ways that can shock

And you don’t even have to do nude, but you do have to do “daring”


shopping in your undies