a spunky chick takes a slow and leisurely look at Steve’s nine inches!


When I was 10 years old, my dad and I were down in the den watching TV.  My mum opened the door leading to the den and my dad practically shouted up to her, “Don’t come down here.”

“Oh~~why not?” my by then curious mom asked my dad.

My dad replied, “We are watching a television show with half naked women.”

The next words my mom said made my hair stand up on end, and in some way it was my introduction into the world of CFNM.

My mom answered, “Oh, are there any half naked men? You know women like to look also.”

This SHOCKED ME! Holy shit, I thought to myself, women like to look also! It never occurred to me before, but that whole concept of women looking at a naked men and getting turned on, made me highly charged, very sexually excited, not for my mom (that’s a whole other fetish)… no, no, just the fact that the female race wanted to see big heavy swaying cock, made me say whew and woe!!!!!


When I was 14, PLAYGIRL magazine had just come out.  I decided I was going to march right out and buy me a copy and try and put my head into the typical woman’s head.

Well I bought a copy and my friend asked me, “Steve, are you gay?”

I smiled back and said, “No… what it is ~is I find it fascinating to see what women see.  Knowing they get turned on by naked men gives me a rush…”

Well that seemed to quiet him down.

Anyhow, the magazine was alright, but it didn’t do anything for me CFNM wise.