COLLEGE INVASION: not sure if that was it or something else or what volume, but in this particular one porn actor Lexington Steele known for his 12″ black cock is here with normal regular everyday white college girls!!!!!!!!!!!  What a combination!!!  In this one scene which is BURNING HOT! Lexington Steele gets a blow job from a porn star right in front of these beautiful and cute white girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say, “Oh my god, it’s so big, oh my god!!!!!”  Meanwhile they look at each other, hand-over-mouth classic CFNM pose, all 100% real real real! very fucking hot scene!


DIRTY DEBUTANTS: within these series of videos Jake Stead starred in some of the volumes, and this was a first of it’s kind, directed by Ed Powers.  Jake Stead had the most unusual cock in the industry…9″ long it curved like an on-ramp, leading up to the most massive head on any penis, plus it was THICK!

Ed Powers would have regular real women kneel down in front of him, with their eyes closed!! When they opened their eyes they got, “JAKE STEAD’S SUPRISE”

Although none of them stand out as excellent, the concept was fantastic and I take my hat off to Ed Powers for inventing real CFNM without bullshit!!


GHERIDELI SQUARE/CIRCLE…(whatever)…San Francisco, May 2008, I was walking around the famous chocolate icon and there were no less than 200 pretty females sitting on benches outside! cock level!!!!!

I was wearing my now famous danskin now women’s pants.  Little by little at least 25 women took out their cameras and were shooting my cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This was spectacular! amazing exciting wonderful fabulous outstanding incredible terrific! This was life itself…the reason why men wake up in the morning!!!!!

So I kept walking around, acting oblivious to it all, while talking on my cell phone…while these beautiful, lusty women studied me, like they might study a lion in a zoo, all the time in awe of its presence.