my mom passed away a week ago, and i have been blue, confused, upset and in a fog,

i am without a job as well, and lack money or any type of future.

cfnm walks, is the only thing in my life that helps me.

cfnm walks are the most interesting, exciting, wonderful thing a man can ever hope for,

only those of us who have partaken in these walks understands the feelings i feel.

the highs, the utopia/nirvana of being looked at, of feeling ALIVE ahhhh that sweet sweet air that breath of life

the penis and a women’s eyes.

here is to us, and the walks we take, and all the karma and all the goodness it may lead to.

please send me all your videos, and any i might have missed.

i am sad and confused, without much hope for the future, and i NEED cfnm walks from me and you to help me thru these horrible times.

thank you