so i got the attention of two cute teens, and bingo! the cameras came out!

3 different cameras!!!!!

the brunette on the right was ULTRA cute!


I don’t care for fake CFNM. In my heart it has no place. It is cold flat, and cruel, it leads nowhere.  And Brandi Belle is in my opinion the #1 fake CFNM site ever! Most of her scenarios seem OK… the women look real without a porn background…so what am I getting at?

Once in a while Brandi NAILS IT! The second greatest fake CFNM scene she shot was this poor soul with glasses in the shower, and in the distance you hear girls’ voices, you hear the shower water running, the girls are approaching… closer… closer they come.  They finally see him and laugh at him and try to pull his towel away from his penis.  The girls are attractive and non-porno looking and the scene is great because the girls are real cute and sexy, and it’s humiliating to this poor man…very erotic!

And then the #1 fake scene from anyone ever was this scene from Brandi Belle where this guy is in an ALL GIRLS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!! and he is called upon to stand up in front of the class and read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy fucking shit, this is magic!  I know, I know, it’s fake, true enough, but my god, when this poor soul has to walk up front, the camera sees and captures the females looking at his erection pointing and thrusting out, etc. etc.

What follows are all these reactions of lust, curiosity, embarrassment, humiliation… you name it, it’s going thru his mind!!!!!!!!!

It’s like filmed in this dream state where everything is slowed down a tad and the embarrassment level has more weight and sinks in real deep, promoting the viewer to be very, very turned on! This is A MUST SEE!