Today I decided to go to this mall because I had not been there in oh some time, and because I have long since discovered that black women like my green CFNM pants and THIS MALL WAS ALL BLACK!

Anyhow, before I went to go, I was bitching and moaning to myself about going.

It’s a far fucking drive, gas is expensive, I gotta dodge security guards, crazy men, I gotta find women, then put myself in front of them, have a loud fake conversation, hope to god they see my cock, walk around more and more etc. etc. It’s a major pain and I was almost dreading it.

Well at the mall, I walked around and got no CFNM action whatsoever!    I did get some big tits and ass, but besides that… SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!

Then as I was about to leave the mall TWO black security guards came right up to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt they were gonna ask about my apparatus (the camera) because these CFNM pants aren’t that bad.

Black guard says, “What is that?”  He points to the camera.

“It’s a satellite catcher,” I reply

“Yes,” he says, “but at the end of it there is a lens.  That there, that’s a camera isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.”  What else can I say?

“OK,” he says, “I want you to put that camera in your bag and I want you to walk out of here and leave.”

“OK. No problem.  I parked by Macy’s, sir.”

He shook his head as if to say,  “Just go.”

I left with a good pace.

Looking back on it, this guy was a saint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He could of said, “Aha! I KNEW it was a camera. OK, I want the sim card in it sir, the stick card.  I am going to watch everyone and everything you recorded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Anyhow fill in your own blanks.

After that I decided that between the driving, the heart aches, the bullshit, the security guards, the lack of female interest… it’s not worth me going out and doing this twice a week.

So I decided to cut back to roughly once every 3 weeks.

Then I could go out full throttle and do some serious flashing!

Also no more malls for me now.  Only stores.  Malls have security guards.  Stores don’t!