steve gets the looks


Hey Andrew,

I really enjoy your work!

I myself love bulge flashing best, and have done some really cool things over the years…

Anyhow, I use a really cool hidden camera these days and get some great fucking stuff!  The camera I use is “the world’s smallest camcorder” the AEE MD-80 of China, great stuff!

One of the things I fancy doing is I go into a women’s clothing store, go to the line where they stand to be rung up, and I stand next to the line and facing towards the women!!! pretending to be just standing there, possibly waiting for my wife.

Well, due to the fact they are bored, they all look at my cock whilst i am filming them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s fucking great mate!

Anyhow, I’m from England and hopefully one day we could meet up for a week of amazing cfnm!!!!!

Write to me soon

Steven Shine, Master Flasher


We must explain: when Steven says “bulge flashing” he makes absolutely sure the gals see the bulge while still staying legal!  He wears very tight, transparent women’s gym pants…they leave little to the imagination!

As a favour to us, Steven has offered to answer any of your questions relating to his favourite pastime: flashing!

Just write your questions in the box below

And meanwhile read the works of the Master…