The phallic worship CULT (some call it a religion) once virtually covered the globe.

Almost all cultures, including the Christian culture, ascribed to it in some way. St Wulframs’ Church still, to this day, bears witness to that fact. And that is just one of many, many examples.

Essentially the PENIS was worshipped as the OPENER of the womb, and the CREATOR of life, and in some religions the Phallus was equated to a God, no less.

Large “erections” of phalluses appeared both throughout the countryside and in many places of worship.

In some instances, young virgins rubbed their vulvas on the stone heads of penises, as a means of ensuring their fertility.

Whilst the Phallic Worship Cult has been superseded by science (which is a worship of a different kind) nevertheless vestiges of the cult still remain today. Some researchers in fact link modern day exhibitionism to these ancient rites.


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