Pat continues…

Last week I had the scare of my life which I’d like to share.

I’ve been flashing these two friendly, lovely Asian Woman (mid 30’s) lately. They work at a pharmacy shop and close up the shop at about 6 pm each week night. There is a public phone and bench seat just opposite their shop, about 15 feet from their shop. The shop has full windows across its frontage.

Well I just parks me butt on the seat and these two woman have a bird’s eye view of everything that is happening inside my pants if they look out the window (I usually sit here with my favourite light blue running shorts and just wave my legs around for attention, it always gets their attention).

The best part is when they shut up shop and I wish them a good night whilst I’m stroking the Old Lizard. The smiles on their faces when they see this makes me very happy/ horny, and one night one of them said, “Thank You” to me.

I said. “You are most welcome honey, have a good night”.

However, last Friday night, whilst I was flashing them the cops rolled into the street, parked their car in the car park near the pharmacy and walked up to these two ladies as they were locking up the door.

I was shitting myself at this point, should I get on my push bike and make a run for it or just sit here like a stunned mullet and just wait and see. I decided to just sit there, cause if I’d got up there was a good chance that the cops would see my cock anyway (my shorts are very brief and I had a massive bonner, plus running is always an admission of guilt).

Fuck, I’m gunna get busted here, was going through my head. The cops were carrying a folder with them and from it they pulled out a photo of a Negro girl and showed the pharmacy girls and asked is this the girl that worked here. The cops took a casual glimpse in my direction, nothing serious, then got into their car and drove off.

The whole thing was so bizarre; the cops were there for less than 1 minute, for a follow up, come on. Is this just a coincidence, unlikely, I think the two Asian ladies have had enough of me and rang the cops but don’t want me charged. The two Asian Pharmacy ladies were still locking up when the cops left, and I said to them, “I hope that wasn’t anything serious, did you have a nice day.” I think I will stay away from that pharmacy for a while.



You have two things in common with most flashers, Pat:

1 – you return to the scene of your “crime” and…

2 – you are paranoid! ;-)

For the life of me, I cannot see how those two chicks called the cops on you, even if only to get rid of you.  If they had done that, the cops would have talked to you.  Guaranteed!

However I do agree that it was a good idea not to return.  Sooner or later they may have called the cops for real.

But hey, thanks for your stories.  They were well told and gave a good insight into what flashing is all about.  The big difference being that you chat with the women and that perhaps makes you “luckier” than most.