First, love the site. Glad to see you are getting videos posted again. I wanted to share my own form of exhibitionism and see what you think. I have done this several times, all successful. I’ve often wondered what reaction I would get to be seen with an erection visible through my clothes. Well, I’ve figured out how to make this work. There is this 24 hour pharmacy store in my neighborhood. In the early morning hours (5:00 am), it is staffed by one person. The four times I have done this, they have all been women. I arrive in the parking lot wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. While still in my car, I stroke myself to a full erection, then tuck myself in so the waistband of my sweatpants holds my erection in. I go in to the store where they have the daily newspaper in a rack near the register. Once I confirm that it is just the one girl, I bend a pick up a newspaper and at the same time pull on the band of my pants thereby making my erection point straight out. It’s still in my pants, but clearly visible. Now, I’m no porn star but big enough so that it’s obvious I have a hard on. At the register paying for my paper, I’m only a couple of feet away from the girl and she can’t help but see. I’ve been really lucky with this as it’s worked flawlessly all 4 times. Two were young cute girls, 1 a middle aged woman and 1 an older women. I try to prolong my stay by taking my time getting money out of my wallet just to be sure they get a good look. And yes, they are looking. I’m thinking of buying a pocket camera so I can record this. It’s been a lot of fun!



Good work, J

You have chosen 5 am, as that allows you to isolate the flashee from meddling co-workers, customers, etc. So you are THERE and the flash is working and they are looking and now your only problem is to prolong the flash – which you do by taking your time getting your money.

I’m tempted to call this the “art of prolonging a flash”. It is such a shame when you have a perfect set-up and you have to leave because you cannot find an excuse to hang around. It has happened to me many times!

One thing you coud do is to pick up some item on the shelf and you can pretend to be reading the instructions, or ingredients, even asking her a question or two about it. If you keep at it, you will find very effective methods of prolonging the flash.

You could for example suddenly get a fake call on your cellphone. You take it out (the cell phone, that is) and have a fake conversation on it, all the time standing in front of her.

You can also build on what you have started, by using transparent pants – bear in mind there are varying degrees of transparency…don’t do the fully transparent pants in the beginning – work up to it (if you want to, that is).

In fact I have some videos coming up from two men who bulge flash, just like you, but they use transparent pants.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    yes flashing is my love!!,you could put your phone in silent,and set your alarm with ringtone,it will be the only thing that is not silent,incoming calls and messages will be silent,pretend to be sending text while setting phone alarm for 1 minute later,and switch off alarm as you pretend to answer,then you are talking to no one and can time your flash for as long as you want!!!!!!! with no fear of incoming texts or calls!!!!!

  2. dublindare says:

    well thats easy to fix!!! first you set your mobile to silent,then all incoming calls,and texts will not be heard,!! when you start your flash,you pretedd to text,this buys you time to set up your phone alarm,which you pre set with a ringtone. then you put into pocket and wait 2 minutes,checking goods etc. then hey presto your alarm goes off,its the only thing in silent mode thats not silent so it sounds like a phone call.you then switch off while pretending to answer and you can talk to yourself for as long as you want to prolong the flash!!!!!!