I’ve flashed in bookstores several times.  I wear regular jeans with a belt and no underwear.  The jeans are unzipped and my cock is fully exposed. To cover all this I wear a jacket that hangs below my waist. The jacket is open but I keep my hands in the pockets to hold it together. Then, when I find a target, I walk right up to her and let the jacket hang open.I’ve done this in other places as well. I even did it in a busy mall once. Nearly got caught that time. There was a whole group of girls and I managed to flash them all, but one of them let out a scream that had security geeks after me. I lost myself in the crowd but that one was too close.


Also, at the same mall, one day when I was not even flashing, I was recognized by a former target. As I walked by I heard her say to her friends, “That’s him!” That moment was as good as flashing because, even though I was fully dressed and covered up, I knew that she was remembering my dick. In her little mind she was seeing me naked again!


So here’s how it all comes together. I wear jeans with no underwear. The jeans are undone so that my dick is fully exposed. But, still, there is the problem of keeping the pants from falling down. That’s what the belt is for. It’s fastened so that everything is held up.  The jacket hangs down past my crotch so everything is covered until I choose to pull it open. I keep the jacket unzipped so that I can pull it open or closed quickly. I just walk around with my hands in my jacket pockets so that I have control over the whole thing. It all works very well. I can go anywhere like this and no one knows that the jacket is concealing a rock hard cock. When I find a pretty little thing I like I just pop it open and flash her. Then I close it back up and go looking for another target.


I like them fairly young. Teenage is the best, as long as they are over eighteen. I pick them according to cuteness. I’m very particular about my targets though there have been the odd random flashes.


Once, coming out of Walmart I decided to just let the jacket flap open and walk like that all the way from the exit to my car and flash whoever happened to walk by. That day I was seen by a lady who looked like she was about two hundred years old. But normally I pick the young, pretty ones.


As for how they react, well, there are a variety of reactions to being flashed. Some are outraged and have no qualms about letting me know it. Some are amused and laugh it off. Some are disturbed but are too nervous to say anything, so they give a little half hearted laugh. Usually the target is so shocked that they are not able to react at all. They just stand there and stare as they try to decide if they really did see what they thought they saw.


I can’t really say I have any preference when it comes to reactions. I don’t much care how they react as long as they do, in some way, react. It’s always been enough for me to just know that I was seen. What they think of me is irrelevant, as they will never have the opportunity to express their feelings to me. By the time they get over their shock, I am already long gone.


This in-your-face approach does tend to get a less than favourable response from the target but, as I said, I don’t much care. And unfortunately it can lead to unpleasant repercussions if the target gets really pissed off.


Once, in a department store, I flashed one of the employees as I was leaving the store. Good thing I was leaving because she sure enough called security. I continued to walk casually towards the door but the second that door smacked my ass I took off running. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten into the car and had it out on the road faster! So, yeah, I suppose some caution is called for. But this technique works well in crowded areas like malls. You can flash whomever you choose and immediately become lost in the crowd.


I’ve got the system down pretty good, but nothing is foolproof.  I myself was finally caught because I was stupid enough to flash in the same place twice. Having been there once, the police were alerted and when I went there again, nearly two months later, they were staked out on the roof of the blasted building! They saw me coming and were ready for me.


To tell you the truth I still think I could have gotten away. I found out later that they were unable to get my license number. But I was so certain that I was done for that I just gave up.  So my advice to you all is to just be careful. Scope out your target area and have multiple exit routes.


Another problem I ran into was flashing too close to home. You might want to think about moving further afield. I was flashing a lot in the next county north of me and I never did get charged with anything there. In fact, most of the stories I’ve related here took place in that other county. It wasn’t until I started flashing close to home that I got caught. So be careful.


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