Hi, my name is ******, I’m a 38 year old male. I’ve been flashing for over 20 years now and coming to this flashers forum site for about 5.

I always mean to leave a story or two, but usually end up getting too horny reading other people’s stories and can never write my own!!!

Anyway, I’ve been writing a lot of my flashes down on my computer and hiding them deep within my computer, hidden inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder etc. They are all mostly shorthand and only I would really know what they are saying.

But recently I’ve been getting paranoid about them and thought that I should delete them.

And then I came up with a great idea of writing them down and submitting them to this forum!!!! That way I’ve got a permanent record of my adventures and I can also share them with you lot.

I’m sure I must have at least 50 successful flashes to tell. A lot of them are probably fairly similar, like leaving the changing room curtain open when I was trying on some clothes. But some of them are excellent.


Firstly I must warn you that I am going to change some things in the stories. Obviously no real names will be used. But I may also choose not to be married, the country I live in may change, I may have 2 children or 3 dogs or am a Christian one minute and a Jew the next.

All I’m saying is that the continuity may not be true, but the stories all will be. And the integrity of the story will not be harmed because I choose to have the setting happen in a bar when it might really have happened in a restaurant.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

I’m just paranoid that someone reading the story will recognize the situation.


I’ve stayed in dozens of hotels and I would say that 1 out of every 5 is lucky for me. Here’s what I look for…

The room has to have windows at a decent height and be on a low floor so people can look in without trying too hard. Facing a parking lot is good, facing another window is better……you get the idea?

And even if all those things are perfect, then you still have to have the luck of being there at the right time of day, when someone is walking by and then those people actually looking in the window.

And you yourself have to be naked in front of the window, at the moment they look in. So a lot depends on timing. So there are a lot of variables.

You can’t, for example, just stand around naked in front of an open window whilst your wife is lying on the bed watching television!!!!

She’d get a bit suspicious!!!

So, that cuts the odds of a successful flash down to at least one in ten hotels, maybe more.

Still, even if it’s one in a hundred, we’ll still try, right???


now read window flasher 2


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