This story is my favorite, and if I was single, then I’m sure I would go back to this hotel on a monthly basis!

It was my birthday, I was about thirty two, or thirty three, I can’t remember… anyway, we had booked a hotel downtown so we didn’t have to worry about driving home after a big night out with friends.

We got to the hotel early and checked ourselves in. As is usually the case, I took a shower first so my wife could take a nice long bath afterwards. And that gave me the perfect excuse to be walking around in just a towel whilst my wife was in another room and unable to see me.

(I was thinking of giving a list of tips for people, not because I’m so great at flashing, but I have been doing this for over 20 years and have had a lot of experience, so I think that will be tip number 1: if you go to a hotel, have a shower first before your partner so you are ready to flash at a moment’s notice and your partner is out of the way).

Anyway, the room that we got, that night, was on the first floor (for the English) or on the second floor (for the Americans). Basically there was one floor below us.

And, as luck would have it, this particular room was also situated above the entrance to the hotel. And straight away I noticed the possibilities and potential of the room.

So after taking my shower and while my wife was safely in the bath, I went and staked out my window spot.

Peeking around the curtain, I saw a minivan pull up with a Chinese man driving. A thirty something Chinese woman sat in the passenger seat and two Chinese girls, maybe seventeen to nineteen, sat in the back.

He parked the van just across from my window and got out to go and check in with the receptionist.

Straight away I got the towel up over my head and pretended to dry my hair whilst showing everything I had!!! Using the towel like that, afforded me the excuse to stand naked in front of the window. And with the towel covering my head, it seemed like I was unaware of them looking at me – however I could see them all too well through gaps in the towel!

Anyway, it took about 5 seconds for the woman and kids to see me. The two teenagers, just kept looking at me. The woman herself looked at me too, but then looked away.

I stayed in full view for probably a minute and then got out of the way because I didn’t want to overdo it.

After a couple of minutes I again stood in front the window and pretended to be looking up the street away from them. I held the towel down by my side as if trying to cover myself but actually I was totally on show for them again.

I stayed there for another couple of minutes whilst fake drying my body, including my head again so that I could look through the towel and see if they were looking.

And they were.

The mother kept glancing up and you could tell she was uncomfortable that her two daughters were quite obviously ogling a totally naked man just a few feet away. But there was nothing she could do about it.

It was awesome.

It definitely goes down as one of my top 3 flashes of all time.

After they drove off, I only had a few more minutes in front of the window before my wife got out of the bath but there were no more opportunities that night. I would have stayed there all day if I could.

(Another tip: always have an exit strategy: always have some clothes lying around to get changed into; never get caught out with having nothing to put on. Of course the girls were not worried about that, but had my wife walked in, then I had an excuse for my nudity.)


When we got back after the big night out, I waited until my wife was asleep and stood by the window for another hour, but still there was nothing like what had happened earlier.

I think one woman walking to her car may have seen me, but I’m not sure about that.

Well, that took too long to write, so it’s all I’m going to do for today.