this experience had a major effect on Alice and ultimately led to her becoming a flasher.

I had spent most of the morning swimming and chatting with a girl called Mia from the Netherlands. A car beeped its horn outside and after looking out the window Mia said it was time for them to go;  she and her mother then climbed out of the pool.

They rinsed off the chlorine under the shower, then headed to the bench by the cafe wall to collect their bags. I expected them to head off to the changing room, but they didn’t. Instead, in full view of the cafe patrons and people in the pool almost in sync they removed their swimming costumes then walked back up to the edge of the pool to wring the costumes out. I was transfixed and so surprised I made no attempt to cover the fact I was watching them as I treaded the water.

They both had larger breasts than I did and though the mother’s had clearly sagged a little she in truth still did not look old enough to be Mia’s mother. The other thing of note was that though they were blonde Mia’s fluff was almost jet black and her mother’s was not there at all.  While I had heard of people shaving or waxing it and of course giggled at pictures in magazines with my friends this was the first time I had actually seen someone who had done it.

Once they had wrung out their costumes they casually turned back towards the cafe picked up their towels and dried off while chatting to each other, making it clear that this was nothing unusual to them.

As Mia’s mother put one foot on the bench and bent over to dry between her toes I was able to see that it was not just the hair at the front that had been removed.  Soon they had finished drying and began to dress starting first with their bras, then pants and finally her mother pulled on a dress while Mia had chosen jeans and a t-shirt. At this point I was blushing furiously and more than a little lost for words.

Mia just waved as she left and said “I will see you later Alice, yes?” to which I returned the wave and just about managed to say something to the effect of “yeah, later”… or something close to it.

Once they had gone it was apparent how quiet the pool had become and it was obvious I was not the only person who had not moved in the past 10 minutes.

Gradually people started to chat and swim again and I could only imagine what the effect had been in the cafe, all those people sitting around having a tea or coffee with a cake not expecting anything out of the ordinary,  only to find two very attractive women stand in front of them, undress and spend the next 10 minutes completely naked!

And they were so casual about it!  It was a mindset I had not really encountered before but I was entranced.  I started to swim lengths again while thinking about what I had seen and in truth waiting for my blushes to die down at least a little before I got out of the pool to get lunch.

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