The pizza dare is one that I often get involved with when away from home.  I tend to use major chains such as Pizza Hut when doing this dare as I’ve found that most of their employees are in their late teens/early twenties and come from cultural backgrounds that are unlikely to be offended or misconstrue a harmless bit of fun.

In this instance the dare was that I accept delivery of the pizza in the buff…so, holding the money in my left hand I opened the door with my right, keeping the door pressed firmly against me… the coldness and emotion of what I was doing meant certain parts of my anatomy were quite tender at this point so it was not particularly comfortable.

I would guess the man delivering the pizza was in his early twenties; he had the look of a student about him despite the bright red delivery jacket and he did not at this point appear too impressed at being kept waiting.

His look turned to confusion when he was greeted by my blushing face, bare left shoulder and arm peeking around the door. I said “Hi”, and tried to pass him the money.  He was just about to take it when Julie shouted, “That’s not the deal Al.  Come on…you know better than that!” This set Clare off; she was starting to have difficulty breathing, she was laughing so much.

I looked at the deliveryman and said, “One moment.” I then withdrew my hand as he looked on, more confused than ever.

I now moved so I was standing free of the door with the handle in my right hand.  My chest felt really tight and I was holding my breath… I wanted to do this but almost felt paralysed.  Just as Clare blurted out, “Al you really don’t have too,” I took control and opened the door wide.

The first thing to hit me was the cold. The goose bumps were especially visible around my nipples which were now perfectly erect as I stood there, feet apart, shivering slightly, making no attempt to cover myself beyond rubbing my arms a little for warmth.

The deliveryman finally understood what the laughing had been about and his eyes were open as wide as they could possibly go. We stood there like that for about 20 seconds, neither of us moving before Julie broke the silence saying, “You still have to pay him… and the pizza’s getting cold”.

My hand shaking, I lifted up the money and attempted to hand it over.  He clumsily took it from me, then tried to count out the change while I waited with a hand extended.

He ended up dropping the coins onto the ground and without thinking, he knelt on one knee to pick them up… it was only when he lifted his head up that he realised he was about an inch away from my fluff.   Seemingly paralyzed and blushing furiously he knelt there, staring, while Julie was doubled over laughing. Finally managing to stammer out an apology and not knowing where to look, he stood up using the doorframe to help him.  He paused slightly as his eyes reached my breasts.

Finally he handed over the change and the receipt while trying not to stare. He then handed over the pizza.

I said, “Thanks, you have a great evening,” and closed the door, thinking that was that!

Julie however waved a £5 note.

“You forgot the tip,” she said.

To be honest I felt he had already had more of a tip than he could handle, but with a raised eye-brow I decided to play along.

He was just putting his helmet on when I re-opened the door.

I gave him the money, gave him a hug and said, “Keep this to yourself, okay?”

I’ve probably completed around ten pizza dares over the years but I will not write about all of them since most are slight variations on a theme which would be repetitive to readers. The other variations have been losing my towel on the door handle, wearing a t-shirt that is ‘almost’ long enough and pretending to be hypnotised while on my hen night.

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