Germaine Greer suggests throwing rocks. And laughing. She doesn’t think we should empower the penis as a weapon by showing fear.

God bless ‘er. I wish she were my auntie.


i read that by germaine, think it was in ‘the whole woman’. highly recommended. she was basically making the point that the penis has been given this strange all-powerful, threatening status in society and that reacting with fear or showing intimidation is basically going to make the bloke go home thinking, god, my penis has this amazing mystical power, i only need to flash it and look what happens. apparently women who had experienced flashing had been studied and when they asked what they were afraid of, most of them said dying, and not being raped, which is what the interveiwers expected. very strange and sad state of affairs.

i was flashed at myself a couple of years ago on my way home from work, the bloke was in a car and slowed down next to me, and thinking he wanted directions i looked into his car window and he was masturbating. i was so shocked i nearly fell over, but i called the police and apparently he was given a ‘warning’. wish i’d just laughed now, but it’s so hard to react like that when someone is purposely trying to intimidate you.

but germaine’s right, we need to take the power away from the penis! laughing is the only appropriate response. alexandra – on some level, she’s ‘auntie germaine’ to all of us. haha.



My problem with this old-school feminism (paranoia), which appears to be still alive today, is that it sees men as the enemy, and a flasher as someone trying to instill fear into women, or trying to intimidate them…how about the alternative possibility that the poor bugger just wants some attention???