Today I was walking the track on the upper tier of gym which circles the pool. I glanced down and to my shock and horror there was a naked man swimming laps as if it were normal. Thinking it was not normal, I stopped in my tracks to lean over the rail and gawk at him.

Sure enough there was his naked back and ass swimming along and I realized if you were alongside him in the pool, you’d never know this but from my bird’s eye view… well I could actually see the hair on the guy and I stayed there to watch because I wanted to see him make his turn at end, wouldn’t you?Sure enough the guy flipped over and I could plainly see his pubic hair. Holy cow, what do I do?

I thought about telling on him but the usual lesbian who guards the door of the gym was not there today. It was some young guy I’d never seen before… young enough he’s got nothing to say to or hear from a woman as old as me so I decided to just watch the guy some more because… well I was mesmerized.

It was on his 3rd lap I saw what appeared to be a white square on his mid back and this is when I realized he actually had a pair of short on. Yeah, they were COMPLETELY see though and apparently skin tone but by God if I looked hard enough I could see that white square and a subtle edge of what must have been the hem of the short going across him thigh. Okay, so he’s wearing shorts. Now does he know they’re see through? I laughed at the thought.

Whether he knew or not the whole thing seemed funny to me and I just watched him for a good 10 minutes and then went on my way.


Responses to Elsa’s Blog

1 – Heather

That is too funny

2 – Jessica

You ask if I would want to see him make his turn…Heck, yeah!

3 – Cassi

That is the funniest thing ever.  I would have turned away.  I would have but still been able to describe what you did with forty-five seconds of viewing.  I am so bad.  Hilarious

4 – Shannon

Nah, I’d have stayed and watched.  People do some crazy stuff!

5 – Amber

I had a see-through bikini.  That is, it went see-through when wet and stretched.  I did not notice until my boyfriend pointed it out that half the beach could see my butt.  And I mean SEE my butt.  Oh, my god the embarrassment.

6 – AnaBanana

Lol, I would wait to see the turn too



Good on you, girls!