ALICIA wrote to us:

I got flashed by the same man twice when I was in middle school.

The first time my friend set me up. She had been talking to a man in his car and called me over. She wanted me to see something. When I got there the man had a newspaper in his lap and she asked him to show me. He moved the paper and showed me his penis.

I was shocked and afraid but my friend thought it was funny and laughed as I walked away.

Later she told me that she was sorry but she liked it and thought that I would too. She said that she and another girl watched him masturbate before and he did not try to hurt them. She said that the other girl knew another girl and he let her watch too. So I told her that I would as well, next time.

About a month later we were walking home from school and she saw his car, although I did not remember what it looked like. I went over there with her because she said it was him and we watched him do it because I said I would.

I had seen a boy’s erect penis before but was all.

He asked me if I’d ever seen anyone ejaculate and I told him that I had never seen this. Before it came out he told me to watch closely and my friend let him touch her arm with his other hand. He seemed lonely and gave us money for watching and that was sad. I remembered his car this time but we never saw him again after that.



Firstly I’d like to thank Alicia for her remarkably honest contribution. I particularly wish to draw the reader’s attention to her comment: “he seemed lonely and gave us money for watching and that was sad”.

Now I know from personal experience that flashing can be a very intense experience, but it can also be a very sad one, and no one has yet pointed that out.  Thanks Alicia.