I asked Giselle to describe some of those “hidden moments” when she caught men unawares…

One day at the beach I was watching a guy putting sun lotion onto his body.  I enjoyed watching him rub it in carefully and he was not aware that I was watching, because there were a lot of other people there.  Then I was very pleasantly surprised  when he pulled his swimsuit aside and massaged the lotion into his private parts.  I watched as he rubbed it into his penis, and then onto his balls. It didn’t take long, but I could see everything, including his balls, very clearly.

He was flashing you, I said to her.

I don’t think so.  If it was a flash, it was very professional.  He did not look at me the whole time.

Giselle is remarkably perceptive.  Flashers always look at the women they flash, so that they can see their reactions.  If this guy didn’t look at her, then he probably was not flashing her.

And anyway, she continued, I don’t like to be flashed; I prefer seeing nude men at moments they don’t expect being seen nude.
For instance, I would love to enter a men’s shower or enter a room with a man undressing or dressing himself, like room maids do.
Also I will look into a house when I see an opening in the curtains, hoping to see someone walking around naked.
I often visit a nudist beaches and watch men taking their clothes off.  After that, when they are lying down, or walking around, I lose interest.
I do like to see men coming out of the sea, especially when the water is cold and their penises are nice and semi-hard. I like that view a lot.
If I pass a car and the owner is sitting in it with his dick out I would hate seeing that. But if two lovers are having a romantic interlude in their car, then I will take a peek, for sure.


CONT’D…hospital experiences