Giselle, you have just described an incident where you went further than necessary.  Give us another example…

Haha.   You have a dirty mind, Andrew!  Well, I will tell you more another time.

But you have had other opportunities?

Of course, as a nurse, I often have to assist with urology problems.  And I see everything, of course, and I have to look carefully, because of the nature of the work.  But I don’t like that kind of work, when I have to put a drain into a penis.

Not my kind of enjoyable work.

You mention “balls” a few times. I tend to think of exhibitionism and voyeurism  as penis only.  I do not think the balls are very interesting, or even attractive, for that matter.  Do you get extra pleasure from seeing a man’s balls?

Yes, I do.  I like it because the balls are the most hidden part of the man.  And of course, if I see his balls, I can see his penis also.  But yes, I do like to see a nice set of balls.  I prefer it shaven though.

You’ve given us some great information, Giselle and I’m sure our readers will appreciate it.  And they will want to know more about you.  What can I tell them?

Not too much, Andrew, I’m afraid.  I’d prefer it if you didn’t publish my photo and didn’t mention the country I am from.  You can use my first name and of course you can use this information.  Sorry, but I don’t want any of my colleagues to know about this.

Well, looking at your photo (suitably disguised) you are a knockout.  You are attractive and at 34, you have the figure of a teenage girl.  Very slender, but…with knockout set of boobs!

Am I right, Giselle?

You’re too kind, Andrew.  Actually I am not as perfect as you say I am.  There are things about me I don’t like, but those you don’t get to see.

Shame on you, Giselle.  When you say I don’t get to see those parts of you, it makes me want to see them all the more!

Haha.  I hope it drives you crazy, Andrew.

I think it might.

So what are we going to call this book, Giselle?

How about “Confessions of a Nurse”, or “Diary of a Nurse”?

I hate the word “confession” in a title.  It sounds like a porno movie.  Yuk!

We’ll have to work on that.


CONT’D…how to flash Giselle