Maria was a Muslim and I met her in a Muslim suburb.  She looked to be about eighteen and was very attractive.    I was actually interviewing a shopkeeper, but Maria was close by and she was the one with the story…

Have you been flashed?

I’ve only been flashed once.  I was fifteen and I was with my brother and sister.  My sister was six, and my brother was a year older than me.

We were just walking along the footpath and my little sister was pointing toward an open window.  We looked and there was this man…he was standing in the open window and he was completely naked…the window was close to the street so we could see everything…including his dick and his balls.

A lot of things happened, all at once…I was soooo embarrassed, and I was also afraid, and I tried to cover my sister’s eyes, but all the time I kept walking away…